"The misuse of language induces evil in the soul." - Socrates

Shmuelisms - The mutterings of Shmuel A. Kam

Shmuel A. Kam
20 June 1971
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If you're looking for the "kahnman", AKA THAT weirdo, you've found him.
If you're looking for Shmuel Kahn, you've found him. We recently changed the family name.
If you're looking for a change of view, welcome aboard.

Short Short version: Jewish (Orthodox). Husband-Father. Honest-Reliable (Loath all Bull-Shit). Sometimes tactless ==> Truthful. Empathic. Friend. Power-Junkie. Independent NON-Leader. Word-Smith (love banging words together). Computer Freak. "Terrorist War-Criminal". ~Square. [Terrible] Poet. Nature Nut. Highly Opinionated. Outspoken. Fascist. Liberal. Communist. Zealot. Anarchist. Autocrat. Mad Genius. Wanker. Fool. Intense. Air-headed Dreamer. Basket-case.

And before you go and think you can apply any of those labels to myself, you might want to first read what I wrote on "Labels, Purpose and Understanding"!

Longer version: Link to alt.callahans article on Google-Groups.

I was a well known Patron of alt.callahans, and have been for years. This is were these two descriptions come from (the short one has been expanded since then).